TechCrunch: Nonnecke offers AI oversight suggestions

Graphic of Brandie Nonnecke outlined in pink in the center foreground with other leading women in AI outlined in the background, each in a different color.
Illustration by Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch.

In a new TechCrunch series on prominent women in artificial intelligence (AI) research, Brandie Nonnecke, director of the CITRIS Policy Lab, offers insight into the roles that users, developers and investors can adopt to make responsible AI a reality. Key to this, she says, is not getting drawn into the hype surrounding AI. Instead, she urges users to find out how AI is being applied today and to understand ongoing issues in the field, knowledge that will empower them to push for more accountable systems. 

She further discusses the importance of investors, who have the advantage of a growing pool of responsible AI knowledge from industry, academia and government.

“Investors have the power to shape the industry’s direction by making responsible AI practices a critical factor in their investment decisions. This includes supporting initiatives that focus on addressing social challenges through AI, promoting diversity and inclusion within the AI workforce and advocating for strong governance and technical strategies that help to ensure AI technologies benefit society as a whole.”

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