Students Demo Final Projects for Interactive Device Design and User Interface Design

This semester, students in the UC Berkeley Interactive Device Design class (CS294-84/ME290U) spent 14 weeks designing, prototyping, and fabricating novel wireless smart products in the CITRIS Invention Lab. Led by professors Bjoern Hartmann and Paul Wright, the course covered 3D modeling and fabrication; electronics and circuit board design; sensing and actuation for interaction; embedded software development; wireless communication; and user interface programming.  The students’ final projects were presented on Friday, December 12 at in Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley.

10 projects were featured from the Interactive Device Design class:

  • Astute: Museum visitor path detection and analytics.
  • CharmBits: Modular circuit wearables to teach children the basics of electronics.
  • MediCAL PILLAR: An automatic pill dispenser.
  • Punch: A fully automated wine fermentation monitor that helps protect and polish your wines.
  • Remem: Instantly capture and share events as they happen; review events from multiple perspectives.
  • SmartSocket: A smart prosthetic socket that visualizes BLE-transmitted sensor data via a web client to help prosthetists make informed decisions when fitting patients with a prosthetic.
  • Smart Bowl: An interactive bowl for storing personal items that reminds users to take their items with them before they leave home
  • StepSense: A wearable system that restores sensation lost to sensory ataxia and allows patients to regain mobility
  • ToastBoard: An instrumented breadboard to help debug circuits by displaying connectivity and voltage information both onboard and via a web client.
  • Tony: Smart home lighting system enabling the future of home automation.

Taught by Eric Paulos, students in the UC Berkeley User Interface Design class (CS160) also used the CITRIS Invention Lab as a classroom space while developing a suite of new experiences around the Toq Smartwatch platform. Thanks to a generous donation by Qualcomm, every student in the course was provided a Toq Smartwatch to prototype their designs.

20 projects were featured from the User Interface Design class:

  • GeoExplorer: Watch based app for hikers
  • Chordstar: Now everyone can learn to play guitar
  • Language Time: Your Chinese language learning tool on your wrist
  • Discovery: Retail shop, real time discounts
  • Spotter: Your 21st century gym workout has arrived
  • Woqy Toqy: New Communication tools for security guards
  • ToqNod’s Spatial Audio: Toq + Nod Ring for controlling spatial audio
  • Petit: Your first watch based pet
  • Watch Out: Providing safety and protection through your smartwatch
  • Eat Time: A new approach to Reservations and Dining
  • Presentation Prompts: Enhance your presentation skills
  • Flight Tracker: Watch based airport and travel navigation tools
  • Opportune: Modernizing the personal networking experience
  • ShopHop: On-the-go Shopping
  • Toq Weight Trainer: Meet your new gym trainer in a watch
  • Restaurant Assistant: A new watches based tool for restaurant servers and staff
  • Constructive: Improving on the job construction industry tasks one watch at a time
  • Drop: Your new recommendation system has arrived (on your wrist)
  • Assassins: Team building taken to the next level
  • FYFN: Watch based urban encounters

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