Steven Glaser Named Fellow at the Technical University of Munich

Prof. Steven Glaser has been chosen as the first TÜV-Süd Guest Professor at the Technical Institute of Munich (TUM). The professorship is made possible by a continuing gift to TUM by the TÜV-Süd Stiftung. TÜV is an international company which certifies and assures conformity to strict standards in a wide variety of fields, from airframe design and manufacture to delivery of food stuffs. TUM is the foremost academic institute in Germany and is one of five universities chosen by the German government for the Excellence Initiative.

The professorship was awarded for Glaser’s research merging quantitative seismology with the picometer-scale displacement sensors he has designed into “nano-saismology.” Glaser is leading a student workshop, “From Earthquakes to Acoustic Emissions: Non-destructive Testing in Engineering,” to take place in Munich from July 19 to 24.

As part of the professorship Glaser was made a Fellow at the TUM Institute of Advanced studies. The governing board of the Institute is comprised of internal and international members from science and industry, including two Nobel laureates. Amongst the first group of Fellows are UCB Prof. Leon Chua and MIT Prof. Gilbert Strang.