Solving the Problem of Access to Clean Water

An SF Chronicle article details the efforts of three UC Berkeley engineering students who have been recognized by campus
officials for their efforts to help people in impoverished areas of India, Sri
Lanka and Mexico secure clean drinking water and save lives by reducing a
potentially devastating threat to public health.

In rural Baja California Sur, doctoral student Fermin Reygadas is helping
residents install an inexpensive water-decontamination system developed by Cal
students. The system is simple: Water from the barrels used by households in the
area is circulated through a tube equipped with an ultraviolet light that
instantly destroys harmful microorganisms.

Undergraduate Erin Inglish is working with doctoral student Ashley Murray to
help female community leaders in Bombay, India, improve the quality of their
drinking water and their children’s health by installing $5 filters than can be
used in the home.

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