Smart Engine Performance with Alternative Fuels

Let the Engine Decide


“Smart Engine Performance with Alternate Fuels” is a five year research program that would include three main components:

– Experimental determination of alternate fuel performance in spark ignition, diesel and HCCI engines.

– Modeling of alternate fuel performance in engine systems

– Development of smart engine sensors and control strategies that maximize engine performance with alternate fuels.


Research conducted under this program will be interdisciplinary, combining advanced combustion and engine technology research with development of cutting-edge electronic sensor and digital microprocessor controls to maximize engine performance. This effort will build on existing




at UC Berkeley research strengths in advanced combustion engine technologies, microsensors, digital controls, and wireless communication technologies. Mechanical Engineering and EECS departments have a uniquely strong blend of expertise and physical resources for this type of interdisciplinary research. This research will evaluate the performance of alternate fuels that emerge from biofuels research and develop strategies for combining new engine designs with advanced sensors and digital engine control to optimize engine performance with new alternative fuels.


Next Steps: Researchers in the Smart Engine program will collaborate with biofuel development researchers at UC Davis and with researchers conducting biofuel research in the Energy Biosciences Institute at UC Berkeley. This project will also seek to develop research collaborations with major automotive manufacturers (GM, Ford,


, etc.).