SafelyYou, grown from CITRIS Seed Award, nets $40M in series B funding

Collage of video feed image of an older adult in a care home room, George Netscher in a dark shirt, two older adults sitting in a room in a nursing home.

SafelyYou, a startup led by UC Berkeley alumnus George Netscher, has received $40 million in series B funding. The company provides fall detection with AI-enabled camera systems for patients in memory care facilities and nursing homes, and its technology has been successfully deployed in numerous communities in the United States and Canada.

SafelyYou’s roots at CITRIS run deep. CITRIS PI Alexandre Bayen served as Netscher’s doctoral adviser, and a 2015 CITRIS Seed Funding award supported the prototyping and testing of the company’s early technology. David Lindeman, director of the CITRIS Health initiative, is a member of SafelyYou’s board of advisors.