Networking for Next Generation Health Care IT

The project goal is to address very high-throughput, real-time, and mobile networking that can support real-time interactive high- definition visualization between ambulances and medical facilities. Such networking can provide consultation, communication, and data support during the first few minutes of the health care process, which is critical to the survival and treatment of patients. The project was seed funded by CITRIS. A heterogeneous high-speed reliable health care network with multiple access points was established by combining wireless mesh networking with optical wireline networking. The research to date has resulted in two publications. In addition to the health care application, the proposed techniques can also be applied in other large scale mobile environments to enable time-critical information exchanging and sharing among parties far away, such as those engaged in battlefield and disaster rescue.  Work on this project continues in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Nesbitt at UC Davis Medical Center. The project leaders are in discussions with Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems about continuing development and funding options.