Hamilton: Flexible, Open Source $10 Wireless Sensor System for Energy Efficient Building Operation

This project seeks to create and establish the technological foundations for secure and easy to deploy building energy efficiency applications utilizing pervasive, low-cost wireless sensors integrated with traditional Building Management Systems (BMS), consumer-sector building components, and personalized smartphone devices, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of this foundation.

SII-HamiltonA low-cost sensor that is securely integrated with building Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting, plugloads, as well as connected to the grid, will enable many kinds of applications (e.g., diagnostics, demand response) that will reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort and satisfaction.

The Hamilton project will create a secure, robust integration and authentication tier that connects the low cost sensors and components of the entire energy efficiency solution through structured namespaces, representing administrative domains. It will produce three generations of low cost wireless sensor systems in a three year period, each time improving performance and using the most cutting edge technology available.

The project will secure the data communication between the sensors and controls systems, such as Building Management Systems or thermostat or lighting controls by creating a secure, attack resistant middleware tier, and integrate this sensor and secure data transport with applications, components and services. Finally, the Hamilton project will perform a market validation and assessment of the platform.