NSF’s Edward Seidel discussed Global Cyberinfrastructure on March 17

The Data and Compute-Driven Transformation of Modern Science

Lecture: Research Exchange | March 17 | 12-1 p.m. | Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium, 3rd floor

Edward Seidel, Assistant Director for Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Science Foundation

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CITRIS (Ctr for Info Technology Research in the Interest of Society)

Modern science is undergoing a profound transformation as it aims to tackle the complex problems of the 21st Century. It is becoming highly collaborative; problems as diverse as climate change, renewable energy, or the origin of gamma-ray bursts require understanding processes that no single group or community has the skills to address. At the same
time, after centuries of little change, compute, data, and network environments have grown by 12 orders of magnitude in the last few decades. Cyberinfrastructure—the comprehensive set of deployable hardware, software, and algorithmic tools and environments supporting research, education, and increasing collaboration across disciplines—is transforming all research disciplines and society itself. Motivating with examples ranging from astrophysics to emergency
forecasting, I will describe new trends in science and the need, the potential, and the transformative impact of cyberinfrastructure. I will also discuss current and planned future efforts at the National Science Foundation to address them.


Coming Soon. Event will be webcast live and then put on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/citris