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CITRIS helps Governor by “Leading the Green Dream”

On January 4, 2007, CITRIS professors and researchers attended Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inaugural celebrations and participated in “Leading the Green Dream.” Dozens of participants, including four from CITRIS@Berkeley, presented their research on environmental causes.


Richard was an inspiration, mentor, and close friend to a
great many of us at HP and elsewhere in the Valley.  He was a large man
with a larger smile, looking every bit the former Australian Rules footballer
that he was.  Nonetheless, his personality was always bigger. 
Richard filled a room just by entering it, and was so comfortable and at ease
with himself and the world that he made everyone, from an undergraduate intern
to the great and powerful, at ease within minutes.  It was this persona as
much as his considerable technical brilliance that let him succeed, seemingly
effortlessly, in so many positions over the course of his 30-year career: as a
professor of electrical engineering, who was a constant winner of awards for
his charismatic classroom style; as one of the
pre-eminent researchers in the field of computer-aided design of integrated
circuits (Kaufman award winner); as a founder of at least two billion-dollar
companies (Cadence and Synopsys) — I’m sure there were others; as a venture
capitalist with Mayfield; as chair of the EECS Department; as the inspiration
behind the Center for Information Technology Research in Society (CITRIS); and,
finally, as perhaps the greatest engineering dean in UC Berkeley’s storied

Davis Powers Up its Energy Research

With a set of major new initiatives and grants, CITRIS campus UC Davis is taking its energy research to the next level.

December ’06 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS,

Dear members and friends of CITRIS,
As one year ends and another begins, we take a look at two similar
transitions …

CET Technology Breakthrough Competition winners

The two top prizes at the CET Technology Breakthrough Competition went to projects on a low-cost disposable genome chip and a portable screening device for dengue fever.

Scientists track melting snowpack in the Sierras

Researchers from the Sierra Nevada Hydrologic Observatory are installing a unique network of ground sensors, weather gear and other
equipment to measure how much snow and ice build up each winter in the 400-mile
Sierra range and then track where the snowmelt goes.