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Solving the Problem of Access to Clean Water

An SF Chronicle article details the efforts of three UC Berkeley engineering students who have been recognized by campus
officials for their efforts to help people in impoverished areas of India, Sri
Lanka and Mexico secure clean drinking water and save lives by reducing a
potentially devastating threat to public health.

Agricultural projects win CITRIS White paper competition

Two agricultural proposals’one on supporting
urban agriculture in Mexico City and the other on alleviating water scarcity in
California farming’are co-winners of the first annual CITRIS White Paper
competition and will receive $7500 each.

Monitoring for Historical Sites

Work by CITRIS researcher Steve Glaser is helping to preserve Masada, a World Heritage Site in Israel. In mid-August, Glaser will set up seismic monitoring stations at the visitors
center at the base of the mountain and at the watchtower on top.

CITRIS and Hong Kong open R&D Centers

On April 20, five new R&D centers opened in Hong Kong to further
promote the development of innovation and technology.  Hosted by
local universities and technology support organisations, including CITRIS, the Centers
provide a one-stop service for applied research, technology transfer and
commercialisation and help facilitate industries to move up the value chain.

Air Solutions

Due to pollution, a breath of fresh air isn't what it used to be. Find
out how a new center at CITRIS campus UC Davis is increasing our
understanding of the causes and effects of bad air on human health

Low Cost, High Tech

Research by CITRIS researchers and corporate partners is helping bring
high tech to the developing world at a price that's right.

April ’06 Newsletter

Applying innovative technology to meet the needs of society is
central to CITRIS's mission. In this newsletter, we focus on two areas
of research that …

CITRIS Asia Research Symposium, Tokyo

The first CITRIS-Asia Research Symposium: Innovative Technologies in the Service of Society was held on April 10 in Tokyo, Japan. At this meeting, University of California professors and affiliated researchers gave talks covering a broad range of technological issues. Pictured at right: Masakazu Toyoda; Director-General Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

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