New Sun Road Partnership for Affordable Energy and Internet Access

New Sun Road receives Microsoft Grant, Partnership for Affordable Energy and Internet Access

New Sun Road is excited to announce a partnership with Microsoft through the Affordable Access Initiative that aims to help close the global digital divide, which currently leaves 4.2 billion people without access to the Internet and the opportunities that it provides.

As a recipient of Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative grant, New Sun Road will leverage technical expertise in power system and network engineering to develop a new line of products that deliver both electricity and Internet to those left in the dark by traditional infrastructure.


New Sun Road believes in the power of electricity to change lives. Rural communities, especially those struggling with poverty, deserve efficient and sustainable energy solutions to teach their children, grow their businesses, better their health, and improve their lives. With the addition of Internet to our systems, these communities will now have access to the integral opportunities the global network provides.

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Find out more about the partnership, “Microsoft provides grants to accelerate the delivery of affordable Internet access”.

New Sun Road is a California technology company committed to implementing solutions to climate change and global energy poverty, providing electricity to communities, health clinics, and education centers in remote and challenging environments. NSR brings expertise in finance, engineering, economics, and conservation to partnerships with local operations in rural, developing economies to design, build, and operate clean, renewable power systems. NSR currently has on-the-ground operations in East Africa and Vietnam, and is growing its team while scaling up microgrid projects in Uganda.

CITRIS Foundry is a University of California applied tech incubator that supports early-stage startups developing disruptive solutions for society’s pressing needs. New Sun Road is part of the 2015 cohort of startups incubated by the CITRIS Foundry.