Multiple Video Perspective Project “Rashomon” Featured in The Atlantic

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Hey, YouTube, We Want to Sync Multiple Videos from the Same Event

And we could use metadata to turn disjointed footage into a single narrative

By Adrienne LaFrance | April 25, 2014

When everyone has a camera with them at all times, people end up recording a lot of the same things simultaneously.

And once in a while these many recorders capture remarkable moments from different angles. Yet only rarely are these separate-but-similar shots woven together from disjointed devices into one narrative.

This is a missed opportunity, and it’s the idea behind the Rashomon Project, which set out to create an open-source toolkit for assembling videos from multiple perspective in late 2011.

Now, after six months of working to turn their idea into a real-life demo, the project creators say they need a company like Vimeo or YouTube to pick up where they left off.

The Rashomon Project began after a high-profile incident at the University of California, Davis, that involved police officers pepper-spraying students as they sat on a sidewalk to protest tuition hikes at the school.

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