Modeling and Analysis of California’s Hydrologic Resources and Operations (MACHRO)

Managing California’s Water

Water management in California currently lacks a broad and consistent water management accounting and modeling capability that allows policy makers to meet the current and future challenges of population and economic growth, environmental sustainability, and climate change. This is an immense challenge.

Modeling and Analysis of California’s Hydrologic Resources and Operations (MACHRO) at the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences will develop and support innovative models, the correct data, and their combined application for providing insights for water policy and management. This enterprise will work cooperatively with agencies, NGOs, consultants, and academic researchers to provide a venue for the water community to better understand and develop solutions to water and environmental problems in California and elsewhere.

Next Steps:

The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences seeks to provide a collaborative venue for research in water-related subjects for researchers on and off the UC Davis campus. The Center’s approach has been successful for projects on the Cosumnes River, Klamath and Shasta River system, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and other water management issues where scientific and technical aspects have been insufficiently explored or developed.

Taking this approach into the quantification and modeling realm, MACHRO venture will develop water management modeling and databases. The program will take a collaborative approach to developing, testing, documenting, and applying major water and environmental management models, primarily for California.