Heather Young Joins as New Chief Scientist at UC Davis

We are delighted to welcome Heather Young to CITRIS as the new Chief Scientist at UC Davis. A nurse leader, educator and scientist and a nationally recognized expert in gerontological nursing and rural health care, Dr. Young is associate vice chancellor for nursing, founding dean of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, and professor of internal medicine.  Dr. Young will play a leadership role, both in our health care initiative and in advancing collaborations of CITRIS throughout the UC Davis Schools of Medicine and Nursing.

Dr. Young’s previous research focused on medication management and safety in rural, assisted-living settings, technological approaches to promoting medication safety in rural hospitals and family caregiving. Her current research includes the use of telehealth and community-based strategies to promote health for rural older adults. Dr. Young also collaborates on a number of interdisciplinary projects, including the Initiative for Wireless Health and Wellness at UC Davis, a project involving faculty from nursing, medicine, engineering and CITRIS.  She is also co-director of the UC Davis Latino Aging Research Resource Center.

“We are very excited to have Dean Young join us at CITRIS,” says Steven DeMello, Co-Director of the CITRIS Health Care Initiative. “Her expertise and energy are outstanding, and her new role reflects the growing importance of nursing within our health care agenda. “

As Dean Dr. Young comes on board, we want to congratulate the previous Chief Scientist at UC Davis, Dr. Thomas Nesbitt, on his new position. Dr. Nesbitt is now the Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine. “We would like to thank Tom for his service and leadership to CITRIS over many years. His work has led to numerous ongoing projects, and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with the UC Davis Health System,” said Paul Wright, CITRIS Director.