The CITRIS Foundry Announces the New Cohort of Teams for Spring 2014

Five new teams have recently joined the CITRIS Foundry. Created in 2012, the Foundry helps entrepreneurs build companies that make a significant impact on the world. The teams are granted a six-month residency (with a possible six-month extension) providing access to design, manufacturing, and business development tools, along with a community of entrepreneurs and experts to help bring their products and ideas to market.

Knox Medical Diagnostics

KNOX Medical Diagnostics
Researchers at KNOX are developing a tool to track asthma using a portable spirometer with a mobile interface. This remote monitoring system will be used to measure asthma severity between clinic visits so physicians can develop a personalized action plan for recommending medication adjustments in real time, helping to keep patients’ condition under control.


NRspeak aims to create wearable brain-reading devices that provide seamless interaction between the human mind and external electronic devices. NRspeak’s solution reconstructs thoughts from neural activity using patent-pending algorithms and recently developed methods for measuring neural activity using infrared light. To extend the product’s functionality, NRspeak will also offer a software development kit for developers.


SmartBod is building smart vibrators that learn from and adapt to a woman’s physiological reactions. The company is enabling intelligent quantification of intimate experiences, providing insights to promote women’s health, and utilizing machine learning and automation to create effective and highly individualized experiences for users.


Teaman & Co
Teaman & Co is bringing the experience of purchasing bespoke jewelry online and to the world. The company uses 3D printing and high-touch service to offer clients artisanal pieces and unique gemstones. Teaman delivers full-size 3D printed models to customers, who can then interact with a piece before purchasing. Teaman expands economic opportunities for craft jewelers and artists, helping them bring unique designs to a global market.


urAir is developing a personal air quality sensing device that wirelessly communicates with users’ smart devices. Users can check real-time exposure to particulate matter, a harmful air pollutant, with a glance at their smart device or by pressing the sensor, which will display a light indicating air quality. Similarly, users can be alerted when they encounter hazardous air quality and track cumulative exposure over time. The app will use crowdsourced data from the portable sensors to generate real-time pollution maps of cities, allowing users to search for public venues or navigation routes with low exposure. The company will also develop algorithms to predict future air-quality levels based on location.