Fall 2011 i4Energy Seminar Series

The CITRIS-LBNL-CIEE i4Energy Center focuses on the development of information technology systems that facilitate significant energy and cost savings.

Free and open to the public, the i4Energy Speaker Series is a weekly roundtable of lectures and discussions that highlight these research issues. All talks take place at noon on  Fridays in 310 Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium on the UC Berkeley campus, unless otherwise indicated. All talks may be viewed on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/citrisuc.

Webviewing at UC Davis: 1065 Kemper Hall
Webviewing at UC Merced: SE1 100
Webviewing at UC Santa Cruz: SOE E2 Building, Room 506

SEPTEMBER 2    Photovoltaic Power Efficiency Gain: One Technology that May Make Commercial Sense
Sudip Mukhopadhyay, Honeywell

SEPTEMBER 9   Entirely New and Better Approaches to Conditioning Buildings
Ed Arens, Center for the Built Environment
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SEPTEMBER 16   Oops: Unintended Consequences of Some Well-intentioned Decisions about the Electric Power Grid
Alex McEachern, Power Standards Lab
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SEPTEMBER 23  The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Accident: What Happened and What Does It Mean?
Robert Budnitz, LBNL
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SEPTEMBER 30  Quantifying Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities for U.S. Households and Communities
Christopher Jones, UC Berkeley
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OCTOBER 7  Bioenergy Sustainability: Want to Get Involved?
Elliott Campbell, UC Merced
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OCTOBER 14   Integrated, Energy-Efficient Design in Buildings
Igor Mezic, UC Santa Barbara
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OCTOBER 21  What We Can Learn from Modeling the California Cap-and-Trade Policies in the Electricity Market?
Yihsu Chen, UC Merced

* OCTOBER 28  To the Dark Side: Efficiency and Demand Response Through Commercial Building Lighting Controls
Charlie Huizenga, Adura Technologies
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* NOVEMBER 4   Smart, Energy Producing and Healthy Homes: Eight European Experiments
Ellen Kathrine Hansen, VKR Holdings

NOVEMBER 11   No seminar due to Veterans’ Day holiday

NOVEMBER 18   Reducing Peak Load on Campus: Distributed Intelligent Automated Demand Response in Sutardja Dai Hall
Therese Peffer and Domenico Caramagno, CIEE and CITRIS
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NOVEMBER 25   No seminar due to Thanksgiving holiday

DECEMBER 2   Technology Demonstration Success Stories from the PIER Program: Making End-Use Efficiency Happen
Karl Brown Karl Brown, Deputy Director of CIEE
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