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Visualization and Analysis of Large Data From Simulations, May 2

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Visualization and analysis are critical to the success of the simulation process; they help realize the value of computing by increasing the rate at which new science is discovered. Their techniques are used to confirm that simulations are running correctly, to communicate simulation results to an audience, and, most importantly, to explore data, which is often where new insights are obtained.

As supercomputers get ever larger, simulations are producing increasingly massive data sets, create two major challenges for visualization and analysis: (1) how to handle the scale of the data and (2) how to reduce its complexity to produce results that will truly enable insight. In this presentation, I will primarily focus on the scale issue and describe the barriers to scalable parallel performance. Finally, this field is rapidly changing, as supercomputers will soon be heavily power-constrained. I will describe why visualization and analysis processing techniques must evolve and how.