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Urban Data Canvas Hackathon, Feb 22


As we talk about streaming data from smart cities and the Internet of Things, certain questions emerge: What is important? Who is watching? How are we going to visualize real time data streams?

What new ideas do you have to show the flow of multiple data streams, and the possible correlations between them? What graphic or other displays can engage urban citizens in ongoing discussions about our air, power, water, traffic, and – connected to all these parameters – our lives? How can these displays speak to the “ground truth”, and connect the data back to the source from which it originates? How can such displays enter the sightlines of the people who are the most affected by the data? What does it take for us to leverage our explorations of urban life?

On February 22nd, we are hosting an application-only hack day to develop real time data visualization pieces for display in the public realm. You and your team will have 12 hours to conceive and execute a visualization based on real-time data streams. The jury will recommend projects to be further developed for display for up to two years on Market Street within the Urban Data Canvas project.
Ready to get your hands dirty?

Join swissnex San Francisco, the Berkeley Center for New Media, and GrayArea.org for a one day hackathon with Casey Reas, the co-founder of processing.org.

For more information, visit: www.urbandatachallenge.org

Apply before February 15th to attend: https://podio.com/webforms/6661292/516758