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The Untold Story of How Billions in Government Savings are Likely to Result from Current Administration IT Reforms, Feb 8

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Webviewing at UC Davis: 1003 Kemper Hall

Webviewing at UC Merced: SE1 100

Webviewing at UC Santa Cruz: SOE E2 Building, Room 506


Information technology (IT) is critical to the workings of any modern organization, and most certainly to citizens’ interaction with government. The design and development of large IT projects is a difficult, expensive, and error-prone endeavor, and even large corporations often fail at it. Add to this the challenges inherent in the workings of the U.S. Federal Government, and building effective IT becomes a major challenge.

Fortunately, the current Administration has been very actively working to reform how IT is developed, and if these reforms succeed, we may see literally billions of dollars of savings. In this talk, I will outline the challenges, describe the proposed and active reforms, and try to engage your participation by suggesting what academics, activists, and practitioners can do to help