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Tackling the Load from Hell: Cooling Efficiency Research at UC Davis WCEC, Feb 3

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Webviewing at UC Davis: 1007 Kemper Hall

Webviewing at UC Merced: SE1 100

Webviewing at UC Santa Cruz: SOE E2 Building, Room 506


The Western Cooling Efficiency Center was started about 5 years ago as the cornerstone of the Energy Efficiency Center at the University of California at Davis. The mission of the center is to effect change in the energy performance of cooling systems in hot dry climates like California, in particular on the peak electricity demand associated with said cooling. This seminar will provide an overview of various research projects and initiatives at the WCEC. As rooftop packaged HVAC systems (RTUs) perform a large fraction of cooling and heating of non-residential buildings, they were one of the first targets for Center. The seminar will cover the rationale and technical basis for the Western Cooling Challenge (WCC), which provides energy performance targets that are roughly 50% better than Department of Energy standards. Results of laboratory and field tests on WCC equipment will be presented, as will a related initiative to improve the performance of RTUs that are not old enough to replace. Research topics that will be covered include recent work on the issues associated with small-scale, on-site water use within cooling systems, as well as two new research projects at the center: a) the use of encapsulated phase change materials in hydronic distribution systems, and b) the application of an aerosol based technology for sealing leaks in building envelopes.