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Special Coleman Fung Institute Seminar: Energy Trading and Risk Management, Jul 5

In this talk, Dr. Wolfgang Ferse will present an interesting and provocative real-world problem from Energy Trading and Risk Management (e.g. the interaction and interest conflicts between energy trading and logistics). Through a discussion of this problem, Dr. Ferse will show the vision of what could be offered to students and industrial executives (courses, industrial partnerships, etc.). The focus will be on decision support using an interdisciplinary approach (benefits and challenges).


Dr. Wolfgang Ferse is the Executive Vice President, Commodities & Energy Solutions for OpenLink Financial Inc., USA.
He has worked with OpenLink since September 1998, first as a Solution Manager at IBM supporting the implementation of Energy Trading Solutions. He joined OpenLink in 2000 as Sales and Account Manager at the London office. In 2001 Ferse built up the German office in Berlin which he has led as a Managing Director since November 2001. In August 2007, Ferse has become the global head of OpenLink’s Commodity & Energy Solutions, based in New York.

During his time with IBM, as Solution Manager, Ferse was responsible for project management and solution development in the field of power trading, optimisation and power transmission in Europe. At this time he also led Energy Trading implementation projects.

For the 10 years prior to IBM, Ferse was in a research centre, as the head of a department with focus on application development, decision analysis and consulting. He led a department in long term projects for decision support systems in the environmental and power supply industries. His department was mainly involved in the design and development of program systems. Ferse also was responsible for several consulting projects at German utility companies regarding the business process of energy trading, optimisation and sale.

Wolfgang Ferse holds a Masters degree and a PhD of Energy Engineering.