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Smart City: What Is the Added Value?, Nov 5-6, 2012

Smart City approaches rely on the integration of modeling/simulation techniques and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) into city planning and practices, such as city growth projections, city operations (municipal water/electric supply, waste management, etc.), city processes (such as payroll), city services (to citizens, to businesses, to suppliers, etc.), etc. Smart City approaches are intended to help cities achieve sustainability, but they also raise new issues.

The 2012 CaFFEET (California France Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies) will assess the added value that can be generated with regards to two fundamental city needs: attractiveness and resilience.

Distinguished speakers at this two-day event include:

Francois Delattre

Ambassador of France in the U.S.

Bernard Salha

Senior Executive VP and President of R&D, EDF Group

Melanie Nutter

Director of Environment, San Francisco

Jean-Louis Missika

Deputy Mayor in Charge of Innovation, Research and Universities, Paris

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