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Robots and New Media, Apr 4

Web-RobotsAndNewMediaPosterA new medium is emerging: robots.

For decades robots have been tasked to diligently perform a range of roles and duties within industrial manufacturing. But recent trends, motivated in part by high-performance, low-cost hardware, software, and networks have given rise to a new range of more social, personal, expressive, nurturing, and emotional robotic platforms and applications. Along with the opportunities these robots provide, their increasing prevalence provokes unheard of legal and ethical dilemmas.

Through a two day symposium of expert practitioner panels ranging from topics as diverse as the military applications of robots to the influence of robotic technologies on art and civil rights movements, we will deconstruct, debate, and explore robots as new media.

For information on the schedule and registration, visit http://robotsandnewmedia.com/

Sponsored by Berkeley Center for New Media, The Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, CITRIS, and Kingdom of the Netherlands.