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International Synthetic Biology Workshop: A Bio-based Future, Aug 29-31, 2011

Together with our partners from Innovation Center Denmark, CITRIS is co-hosting this workshop, which is organized by the new Synthetic Biology Institute at UC Berkeley, the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) and the Center for Synthetic Biology at Copenhagen University in Denmark.

Synthetic biology is guided by a vision about a future in which humans are routinely engaging in large-scale design and engineering of living systems. While the development of this emerging area of research promises to bring about extremely beneficial applications in areas such as energy, medicine, and agriculture, it is also widely recognized that the field may have a significant impact on the future of humans, society, and the environment.

We will bring together the most inspirational assembly of scientists leading this field who will present their pioneering work and its relation to the emerging field of synthetic biology.

The workshop will cover five themes:

1: Plants of the Future

2: Cell based and Biomimetic Production Systems

3: Nano-bio-technology: Sensors, Receptors and Drugs

4: Biological Membranes

5: Foundational Technologies

Registration is now open, please go to:

For more information about this event, including the speakers, program, venue, accommodation, etc. please visit the University of Copenhagen website at: