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Intermittency-Friendly Community Scale Renewable Energy Microgrids, May 7

The challenges proposed by long-term resource supplies, global climate change and energy market volatility require strategies and policies directed towards the development of technologically, economically and socially acceptable energy solutions. The need for major reductions in fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions from large-scale centralized power generation will require a significant increase in the use of sustainable energy sources and facilities for delivery and distribution.

This talk will describe a joint US-Danish collaboration between UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis and Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark(DTU) to investigate, develop and deploy distributed community-scale electro-thermal micrgrids based upon 100% renewable energy, as integrated systems that combine electricity generation, heating and cooling optimized for efficiency and resource utilization. The key focus will be on intermittency-friendly system design. This program will serve as a model for trans-national education designed to solve global problems and will lead to a trans-national, distributed virtual research, design, development and educational center dedicated to the goal of 100% renewable and sustainable energy production and use.
Michael Isaacson has published over 130 articles and book chapters dealing with field emission, scanning and scanning transmission electron microscopy (instrumentation and development), electron energy loss spectroscopy, image processing, electron optics, electron beam modification of materials, atomic resolution microscopy, nanolithography and fabrication, mesoscopic physics, near field optical imaging and nanodevices for biology and medicine. Awards include a Hertz Foundation Fellowship, a Sloan Foundation Faculty Fellowship, the Burton Medal from the Electron Microscopy Society of America (for pioneering work in the development of electron energy loss spectroscopy within the electron microscope), an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior Scientist Research Award (for instrument innovation leading to chemical characterization at the nanometer scale within the electron microscope), and the Rank Prize in Optoelectronics (for fundamental research in the development of near-field optical imaging).


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