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Information, Sustainable Energy, and Global Engineering, Sep 28

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Concentrating and delivering energy has been a key to prosperity, as evidenced by the trajectory of our material standard of living. But with “power” comes responsibility, and the level of enlightenment of those who control energy that greatly amplifies the 50 Watts supplied by their own body, determines the outcome. There are 1.5 billion people in the world today without electricity, and innovation and commerce will soon make convenient power available to them. At issue is how those communities will evolve their use of energy – along the planet’s current trajectory, or along a more sustainable one.

The vision of Project imPoweredpoints, an initiative of Engineers for a Sustainable World, is that the creativity of those 1.5B people has been unleashed by providing them renewable energy, as well as the information, education and social infrastructure needed to sustainably power and empower their off-grid communities. We will accomplish this by providing a transformational educational experience to the next generation of engineers worldwide that create shared purpose towards accelerating deployment and innovating sustainable applications of renewable power in off-grid communities. Our pilot is in India with the 2.5M people in 5,300 villages that are not included in the national electrification (RGGVY) initiative of 20xx. The physical deliverables will be smart microgrids and associated apps for sustainable generation, storage, and income-generating activities. If successful, we will have improved the lives of billions and created a global network of future leaders who will remake the world’s trajectory towards sustainability in energy, environment, and economic development.