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i4Energy Center Research funded by the California Energy Commission, Sep 29

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is a collaboration among CITRIS (U.C. Berkeley, Davis, Merced, and Santa Cruz); the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE); and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). The mission of the Center is to facilitate and promote research on system-integrated enabling technologies that will achieve better energy efficiency, improved demand response, and dramatic improvements in electricity delivery infrastructure for renewable integration.

This workshop will present on-going energy research in three i4Energy Center research programs. These programs are funded by the CEC’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program.

1. Enabling Technologies Development (ETD) Project. This project is developing new and innovative enabling technologies that will lead to 1/10 the cost and 10x the capabilities of current products in the areas of Demand Response, Distribution Grid, and Legacy Buildings. The intent of the project is to also promote research collaboration between the universities, national laboratories, and private industry.

2. SECURE Cables Project. This project is developing novel on-line sensing techniques for probing the integrity of underground (U/G) power distribution cables. The goal is to support condition-based maintenance and replacement of the ageing U/G cable infrastructure.

3. Electric Grid Research (EGR) Program. This program is creating technologies and new tools to modernize the grid and maximize its ability to meet customer needs and energy policies; through a smarter, more responsive and robust grid.

Please e-mail or call:

Jack McGowan

California Institute for Energy and Environment


(510) 643-1440

There’s easy access by public transportation (BART and AC Transit) and there are several public parking lots nearby.

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