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Medicine: A Big Data Revolution Occuring in Our Midst, Nov 12

Human beings are big data. Analogous to computer code, human beings are uniquely defined by the information content held within the body and more specifically, how that information is interconnected. As medical data continues to explode and become increasingly digital, the vast amount of information that is able to be collected presents significant opportunities to improve the nature of medicine and care. In short, the influx of patient data and decoded genetics has turned modern medical issues into Big Data problems. In the future, the Hippocratic Oath will require doctors to take this genetic variability into account, which poses a number of ethical questions and concerns.

This discussion aims to dissect the revolution of personalized medicine, and more specifically how big data and our decoded genomics will change the nature of disease, healthcare diagnoses, treatment, and regulation.

Ted Driscoll is a Partner in Digital Healthcare at Claremont Creek Ventures. He brings 30 years of experience in health and imaging technology as an investor and entrepreneur. Ted is an expert on digital health and diagnostics, from big data and health technology to genomics and personalized medicine.

Prior to Claremont Creek, Ted founded five successful companies in imaging-related markets. He was founder and CEO of Be Here Technologies, a pioneer in Internet, Broadcast and Videoconferencing technologies. He also served as CEO of Focus Surgery, spun off from Diasonics, and was previously Division President and CTO of Diasonics, with responsibility for its MRI, ultrasound, digital X-ray, and ablation technology business. Earlier, he led the Diasonics team that developed the first commercial MRI scanners. Previously, Ted was also Vice President of Engineering at Identix, then a world leader in fingerprint recognition; and was Director of R&D at International Imaging Systems, an early pioneer in satellite remote sensing.

Ted was an angel investor with Life Science Angels and a founding director of the Sand Hill Angels and Health Tech Capital. Ted holds a PhD from Stanford University in Digital Imaging, Masters degrees from Harvard University in Computer Graphics and Remote Sensing and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Ted holds 40+ granted US and foreign patents in imaging-related fields.


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