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Enabling Technologies For Residential Demand Response, Feb 24

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Webviewing at UC Davis: 1007 Kemper Hall

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Webviewing at UC Santa Cruz: SOE E2 Building, Room 506


Demand Response (DR) and Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing refer to programs that offer incentives for consumers who curtail their energy use during times of peak demand. In this talk, we will present an integrated solution to predict and re-engineer the aggregate energy demand (e.g., peak load reduction and shift) from a group of residential consumers in a locality at a given day/time. We will explore expanding demand response to all residential power loads by dynamically scheduling and controlling appliances in the dwelling unit in a closed loop time-of-use pricing program. A decision-support system will be presented to forecast power demand in the home and enable the user to save energy by recommending optimal run time schedules for appliances, given user constraints and time-of-use pricing from the utility company. A Master Home Energy controller developed to execute the appliance run time schedules will be introduced. Smart appliance nodes developed to take advantage of time-of-use pricing will be discussed.