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Create Your Bot Hackathon, Feb 15

Learn how to build Chatbots with renowned artificial intelligence programmer and ChatScript language designer Bruce Wilcox as you compete to create the most human chatbot!

Register for the Create Your Bot Hackathon to discover how you can create and upgrade your chatbots for use in the Turing Test Tournament. Not only will you be able to pit your bot against others at ttt.berkeley.edu, but you can also win great prizes for your bot’s performance! Bruce Wilcox, winner of the 2010 and 2011 Loebner Prize with his Chatbots Suzette and Rosette, will be returning to judge the competition and assist in the creation of your bot.

Food and refreshments will be provided, and winning teams will receive Amazon gift cards.

The Turing Test Tournament is an online chat game for UC Berkeley’s incoming class of 2013 co-developed by the Berkeley Center for New Media and the On the Same Page program. Launched in August 2013, the Turing Test Tournament is the UC Berkeley chat-based version of Alan Turing’s famous test for machine intelligence.

Register at bcnm.berkeley.edu. If you’d like to find out more about the project or are interested in sponsoring TTT, please contact us at team.ttt@berkeley.edu.