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CITRIS Research Exchange – Stavros G. Vougioukas on Agriculture and AI

A CITRIS Research Exchange Seminar with speaker Stavros G. Vougioukas.

TALK TITLE:Human-robot Collaboration for Fruit Harvesting”

SPEAKER: Stavros G. Vougioukas, Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis 

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BIO: Stavros Vougioukas has a Ph.D. degree from the Electrical, Computers, and Systems Engineering Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. He is a Professor in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, the University of California at Davis. His research focuses on robotics and automation for agriculture, with emphasis on robot-aided and autonomous harvesting.

ABSTRACT: Manual harvesting of fresh-market fruits is costly and labor-intensive. This presentation will discuss two different robotic harvest-aid systems and report results from their deployments during commercial harvesting. The first system comprises two mobile robots that reduce workers’ non-productive walking times by carrying full and empty trays in the field. The second system is a robotic orchard platform that was developed to assist in tree fruit harvesting. The platform uses advanced sensing to estimate the fruit load on the trees and the workers’ harvesting speeds, and controls platform speed and picker elevations to load-balance the amount of fruit picked by each worker and maximize the system’s harvesting speed.

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