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Disinformation Risk Reduction using Information Security Methods with Sara-Jayne Terp

CITRIS Research Exchange - Spring 2021 - Cristina Davis, Sara-Jayne Terp, Sam Markolf

Disinformation Risk Reduction using Information Security Methods with Sara-Jayne Terp

SPEAKER: Sara-Jayne Terp, Founder of Bodacea Light Industries

ABSTRACT: In just 4 years, disinformation has evolved to the point where it is now being used by a spectrum of actors, from activists to nation-states, and is difficult to counter with fixed methods. CogSec Collab, and its predecessor MisinfoSec, designs and tests real-time response to disinformation incidents. The Collab applies information security principles to defenses against disinformation, builds processes and tools for this, and runs or mentors response teams including the CTI league’s covid19-focussed disinformation team. This talk covers our recent research on disinformation risk management and Cognitive Security Operations Centers.

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Sarah-Jayne TerpBIO: Sara-Jayne Terp works on social data problems, including community-based ways to track, counter, and mitigate disinformation. She leads the CogSecCollab disinformation community, runs the CTI League’s disinformation team, and is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, where she writes about human issues as systems. Her degrees are in AI and neural networks.

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