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CITRIS Research Exchange – Carolyn Patten

A CITRIS Research Exchange Seminar with speaker Carolyn Patten 

TALK TITLE: Coming soon

SPEAKER: Dr. Carolyn Patten, Director and Professor, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, and Integrative Neuroscience, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, UC Davis

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BIO: Dr. Patten’s research focuses on understanding the neural basis of human movement, investigating human motor control, and learning from a perspective of neuromechanics. Using concurrent behavioral and neurophysiological methods, her laboratory has developed techniques sensitive to motor impairment. An emphasis of the lab’s current work is the identification of biomarkers to predict motor recovery following stroke and the critical factors that contribute to rehabilitation efficacy. To achieve these goals, projects in the BRaIN lab investigate neural mechanisms and biomechanical consequences of CNS pathologies causing motor dysfunction; novel means to induce neuroplasticity and motor recovery; and individual differences in both the natural history of motor recovery and response to rehabilitation interventions.

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