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Bringing Peer Review to the Internet: Hypothes.is Founder Dan Whaley, Oct 6

Dan Whaley, a veteran internet entrepreneur, will speak about his latest venture: a non-profit designed to increase quality of information on the Internet.

Hypothes.is is creating an open-source web browser overlay to enable crowd-sourced peer review on any website. This tool will enable sentence-level critique, with influence based on the commentator’s track record / reputation. The weighted comments will appear as colors on the side of the page. It will work wherever you are—as an overlay on top of any stable content, including news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and regulations, software code and more—without requiring participation of the underlying site. A metric for the credibility of articles will be a synthesis of the accumulated critique they receive (and dependent on the reputation and domain expertise of those providing the critique). A video & much more information about the project is available on the website: http://hypothes.is.

Dan Whaley is the coder and entrepreneur who built the first web-based travel reservation system and the company around it – Internet Travel Network (ITN). The first airline reservation made over the web was booked via a server in his living room in 1995. The company (later renamed GetThere) went public in 1999 and was purchased in 2000 by Sabre. It still handles over 60% of the B2B market for online travel services and is one of the largest online transaction processing systems in the world. Dan is a Director of Sauce Labs, the leaders in open-source functional testing, and GetAround, the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Cup winner (started as his student’s class project at Singularity University).