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BERC Energy Summit: Conference, Oct 17


For seven consecutive years, the BERC Energy Conference has convened leading stakeholders for to tackle the world’s most pressing energy challenges. The prestigious event has played a significant role in developing solutions to intractable issues, ranging from cleantech financing gaps to seemingly irreconcilable tensions in energy policy and innovation. Last year, the conference ideated around California’s energy strategy and supportive tactical policies.

Exploring its theme of “Collaborative Innovation, Systemic Change”, the 2014 BERC Energy Conference will determine what essential systemic change we, as a global community, wish to accelerate within our existing energy landscape, and how communities of private-, public-, and civil-sector actors can come together to execute this change.

By facilitating discussion and fostering connections among key leaders in the energy sector, the conference hopes to develop visionary and timely solutions to enormous energy and climate challenges.