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Algorithms for Advanced Lighting Controls, Nov 16

Electric lighting represents a significant fraction of energy use in commercial and industrial buildings. Controlling electric lighting output based on occupancy, daylight availability and electricity demand can significantly reduce electric lighting and associated cooling energy requirements. Traditional control strategies and technologies use single sensors for occupancy and daylight, which have significant limitations in reliability and cost-effectiveness. This CITRIS project is focused on improving sensing reliability through consideration of real-time and historical data from multiple local and remote data streams using the simplified Measurement and Actuation Profile (sMAP) software environment. The objective of the project and the focus of the talk is on the development and demonstration of advanced electric lighting control algorithms that adjust electric lighting output in individual luminaires based on multiple sMAP data streams from occupancy and light sensors installed in each individual luminaire, as well as on real time electricity rates, aiming for continuous automated calibration and optimization of performance in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.


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