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Achieving UC Merced's Triple Zero Commitment: Zero Net Energy, Zero Landfill Waste, and Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2020, Mar 16

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John Elliott is Director, Energy and Sustainability in Facilities Management at UC Merced. As co-chair of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability, he is also responsible for shaping and implementing the campus sustainability strategy, which includes a “Triple-Zero” commitment to zero net energy, zero landfill waste, and climate neutrality by 2020. John is involved in new construction, operations, and planning, as well as engaged in faculty teaching and research to create a sustainability “living laboratory.” John has previous experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy consulting, as well as energy software. John received a BS in civil and environmental engineering from Stanford University and a masters degree from the Energy and Resources Program at UC Berkeley.


John will provide an introduction to the new University of California campus at Merced and its sustainability commitments. John will present several approaches that the campus is pursuing to achieve its Triple Zero Commitment to zero net energy, zero landfill waste, and climate neutrality by 2020. From a technical perspective, the campus zero net energy strategy relies primarily on energy efficiency, solar energy, and plasma gasification, along with various smart grid strategies. Zero waste efforts currently emphasize composting and control of purchasing to simplify recycling efforts. Campus efforts are only beginning to address climate neutrality beyond initial attainment of zero net energy. From a methodological point of view, the campus approach generally involves increasing efforts to leverage sustainability goals in support the core research and teaching mission of the university.