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Achieving Climate Change Goals from Transportation and Land Use Planning in California, Nov 14

Dr. Rodier will demonstrate how emerging information technology in the areas of transportation and land use planning can be used to inform policy design and monitoring frameworks needed to implement California’s climate change laws. New data and modeling technology developed for state of California is applied to understand the magnitude of currently planned land use and transportation policies, the sensitivity of vehicle travel to specific demographic trends, and geographic disparities in the effects of auto pricing policies. The results provide insight into key metrics for monitoring policy implementation and changes in demographic trends that could undermine achievement of greenhouse gas reduction goals as well as policy interventions to redress negative impacts of auto pricing policies.


Caroline Rodier is the Associate Director of the Urban Land Use and Transportation Center (ULTRANS) at the University of California at Davis. Her major areas of research include transportation and land use planning and environmental policy analysis. Her interests include the development and application of land use and transport models. At ULTRANS, she manages the development of two California statewide models, an activity based microsimulation travel model (CSTDM) and a spatial economic model (PECAS), as well as an activity based microsimulation travel model for the San Joaquin Valley region. She previously served as a Senior Researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, where she evaluated behavioral effects of new transportation technology. She has designed and implemented research evaluation programs for transit and truck smart parking systems, shared-use low-speed modes, and automated speed enforcement systems. She is the Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Emerging and Innovative Public Transport and Technologies. She holds a B.A. in US History from Barnard College at Columbia University and a M.S. in Community Development and Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California at Davis.


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