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3+1 – An HMI Design Framework for Autonomous Vehicles

Speaker: Brian Lathrop

Seminar: CITRIS People and Robots Initiative“Design of Robotics and Embedded systems, Analysis, and Modeling” Seminars (DREAMS) | Friday, March 03 | 2 – 3 PM | 540 Cory Hall | Webcast

While mode confusion and the ensuing human error that goes with it will likely have a significant impact on the safety of future AVs, the transitioning between modes and how those transitions are orchestrated via the vehicle’s HMI will be equally important. This is particularly relevant when the modes to which one is transitioning are not discrete states (e.g., on and off). That is, when transitions are put into the context of SAE Driving Automation Definitions it becomes clear that the human operator will transition into partial automation, conditional automation, and high automation. These variable states of the vehicle need to be communicated in a timely and clear manner, and the orchestration of the transitions between states needs to be effortless and exact.


Senior Principal Scientist Brian Lathrop is the Senior Principal Scientist for the Technology and Trend Scouting team at Volkswagen. In 2003 Brian received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2004 Brian joined VW and was responsible for human factors and usability testing activities for infotainment and driver assistance systems. In 2008 Brian became the senior manager of the HMI team at the ERL, responsible for defining the vision, roadmap, and overall strategy. He has led many projects focused on reinventing the vehicle cockpit of tomorrow, realizing advanced infotainment controls, futuristic displays, gaze and gesture-dependent interfaces, and HMI concepts for self-driving cars. In 2016 Brian joined the Technology and Trend Scouting, focused on transforming customer insights into user friendly products.