Enel Global Internship Program


Global Internship Program

WHO are we looking for?

We are looking for brilliant, open minded and passionate recent graduates or undergraduate students, interested in applying for internship opportunities, work on amazing business projects and rack up a good resume-building experience. People with an innovative approach, the ability to fit in different contexts and fluent in English.

WHAT do we offer?

We offer a carefully monitored meaningful learning experience that will enhance your academic knowledge with practical experience in a professional setting.

For us it is an opportunity to guide and evaluate junior people entering the labour market.

Internship is structured in 3 main steps

  • Welcome and Induction training program which will provide an overview of Enel global business strategies as well as of its vision, mission and guiding values
  • Business project work tailored to combine business needs and learning experience + tutorship program
  • Final presentation and evaluation based on project work and best cultural and technical fit.

WHERE do we have open positions?

Countries: Italy, Spain and Mexico.

Business Areas: Cyber Security (IT), Business Development (Renewables), Smart Grids, Smart Meters (Infrastructure & Networks), Marketing & Sales, Customer Care (Market).

WHEN does the recruiting process take place?

  • Application: you have time to apply until Sept 10th 2017
  • Selection: Sept-Oct ‘17
  • Internship: starting from Nov ’17

How does the recruiting take place?

  • CV screening
  • Send us your CV with a link to a creative short self-presentation video to let us know why you are choosing us and why we should choose you! The video gives you a chance to introduce yourself (surprise us with your creativity!) and gives us the opportunity to find out more also about your ambitions and expectations and if we share the same values.
  • Language test
  • Telephone or Skype interview
  • A chance to get to know each other and check if we share the same values.
  • Interview/Assessment
  • Meet our HR and Line managers in an innovative mix of individual challenges, teamwork experiences and interviews which have the aim to evaluate best fitting candidates.


Positions in Italy:

Global ICT – Cybersecurity IT/OT Engineer

Join us to assist cyber-specialists in establishing and overseeing Cyber security architecture on Information/Industrial Technologies and other emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) including network and terminals security.

Work place: Rome, Italy

Degree: Engineering (Computer Science, Electronics), Computer Science or equivalents

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Infrastructure & Networks:  Junior Smart Grid

Join us to study the state of the art of accumulation systems based on “Fly Wheel” technology.

You will be offered real networks characterized by service quality issues and will develop a state of the art technology study, analyze and set up solutions using one of the most advanced simulation technology platforms in the world in our Smart Grid Lab in Milan.

Work place:  Milan, Italy

Degree:  Electrical Engineering, Automation Engineering or Power Engineering

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Infrastructure & Networks:  Junior Smart Meter

Join us to analyze the context to develop a software tool that allows optimization of the communication process between counters and concentrators on the low voltage network. You will analyze real field communication cases in Italy and abroad to gain knowledge of the current communication mechanisms and path definition and define new algorithms and test on Enel networks spread in both Europe and South America.

Work place:  Milan, Italy

Degree:  Electronic Engineering, Computer science Engineering, or Telecommunication Engineering

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Italy Market – Digital Marketing & Content Junior

You will be involved in developing a new website putting together the Corporate (Institutional) experience and the Market (Commercial) experience collaborating with project specialists to support the development of a project and the digital content strategy, practicing User Centered Design and Optimization of the Digital Ecosystem.

Work place:  Roma, Italy

Degree: Digital Marketing, Communication Science, Economics

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Italy Market – Digital Developer

Join us to be an active part of a process of digital transformation of customer relationship within one of the world leading power companies and largest international utilities. Our goal is to maximize customer experience focusing on designing and developing caring services in a digital context. Data integration between traditional data warehouse and non-traditional information coming from different sources (Web Navigation Data, Speech Analytics, Multichannel Contacts, etc.) is strategic for us.

Work place:  Roma, Italy

Degree:  Informatic Engineering, Management Engineering, Statistics, Informatics, Communication Science


Positions in Spain:

Iberia Market – Customer Flexibility Management: New Opportunities for retail companies (Demand&Prices, Market Iberia)

Join us to be part of the team in charge of developing new services and products related to the flexible electricity demand. You will support experts in different phases of the project: state-of-the-art review, determine the trends in the sector, identify regulatory barriers, analyze the clients’ needs, define products and services, etc.

The project aims to discover, define and design and test with Endesa customer(s) the new services and products.

Work place: Madrid, Spain

Degree:  Engineering, Mathematics, Physics

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Iberia Market – Smart meters and consumers behavior: analysis of explanatory variables using machine learning in a big data architecture (Demand & Prices, Market Iberia)

Join us to collaborate in the definition and implementation of a methodology to apply Machine-Learning models using big data platforms in order to analyze consumers’ behavior through the identification of different consumption profiles. The project aims to cluster Endesa customers using exogenous explanatory variables obtained through a continuous conjoint analysis and Endesa customers data.

Work place: Madrid, Spain

Degree:  Engineering, Mathematics, Physics

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Positions in Mexico:

Global Renewables: Business Development – Information Process

We are interested in the research and development linked to batteries usage expanding our current market.

Join us to support Business Development activities especially regarding financial update, reporting and systematization for projects and internal processes, in line with the digitalization and best practices appliance.

Work place: Mexico City, Mexico

Degree: Engineering, Administration, Financial

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