Digital project to boost Irish studies with ‘virtual Ireland’ website

A new ECAI-related project, "Context and Relationships: Ireland and Irish
Studies," aims to better connect Irish studies materials and to make them easily
accessible from anywhere with a quick click of the computer mouse.


This project transforms Irish studies and reinvents the library reference
service," said project leader Michael Buckland, an emeritus professor in UC
Berkeley's Information School. "In the past, one could use reference works in
the library's reference collection to find explanations. We intend to show how
that valuable service can be made available online. It's a bigger deal in Irish
studies than in almost any other discipline."


UC Berkeley's task is to develop open source search and retrieval tools and
interfaces to explore contexts and relationships through names, places and other
words in maps, atlases, bibliographies, dictionaries, primary texts and
secondary works.


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