CITRIS Foundry Demo Day 2015 Celebrates Graduating Cohort

The CITRIS Foundry hosted its annual Demo Day on March 31, 2015, to mark the graduation of our Spring 2014 cohort of startup companies. More than 100 mentors, partners, and friends gathered in the Kvamme Atrium to celebrate the companies’ growth over the past year. With hardware in hand, the four graduating teams gave presentations about their accomplishments and experiences being part of The Foundry as well as a UC startup. In the Q&A session, the crowd peppered the founders with questions about their technologies, market strategy, and next steps. It’s been an exciting 12 months for this cohort. Here are some of the highlights shared at Demo Day 2015:

  • Mentl showed their novel prototype for measuring brain activity using near-infrared spectroscopy and revealed an early market in child brain development for their neural decoding technology platform.
  • SmartBod began testing their smart vibrator prototypes with potential customers and recently received a flurry of media interest including The Huffington Post, the Guardian and Mic.
  • After investing four months on hardware and market development in China, Clarity closed their seed round and are now ready to launch their first wearable air quality monitor by years’ end.
  • Knox Medical Diagnostics accurately benchmarked their ‘Spiritus’ prototype against clinical spirometers and will begin piloting the device in clinical trials later this month at UCSF.

Congratulations to the graduating companies!


Knox Medical
View event highlights in the photo gallery below.
Photo credit: Adriel Olmos