Daniel Hirleman is Interim CITRIS Director at Merced

We are delighted to announce that E. Daniel Hirleman has been appointed as the Interim CITRIS Director of UC Merced. Hirleman took the helm as dean of UC Merced’s School of Engineering in the fall of 2010, following his service for more than a decade as the head of Purdue University’s School of Mechanical Engineering. His work will help us further the efforts of our first UC Merced Director, Jeff Wright, who dedicated ten years of service to CITRIS and is now at Western Washington University.

Hirleman has a long track record of championing multidisciplinary research and is the founding director of GlobalHub.org, an international cyber-community of students, faculty and practitioners interested in global engineering and global citizenship. He founded the Global Engineering Program at Purdue in 2005, and he has been active in student advising and community service at all stops during his career.