CITRIS welcomes Heidi Hallett to staff

CITRIS is pleased to welcome Heidi Hallett as our new colleague and leader of the business aspects of CITRIS on all four campuses.

Heidi has extensive management and financial experience, having worked in the private sector for Ford Motor Company in Detroit and for the Port of Seattle. She is no stranger to the Berkeley campus, having worked since 2002 for the College of Chemistry, and most recently at LBL, where she oversaw many aspects of their business, services, and contracts.

“I know that she will hit the ground running and be a wonderful addition to our team as we go into this exciting year of increased project levels, meetings in Asia and Denmark, and, of course, the move into the new CITRIS building,” said Paul Wright, Acting Director of CITRIS.

Heidi is a Bay Area native. She holds a B.A. and MBA from UC Berkeley, where her husband is a professor in the History of Art and Classics departments.