CITRIS: Using Intelligent Infrastructures for Smart Decision-Making and Increasing Public Safety and Security

Message from Acting Director Paul Wright

CITRIS was created to maintain

California ’s leadership in safety, security, health and prosperity, and our Intelligent Infrastructures thrust is an essential component of that mission.   People want to know that the water is clean, that firefighters and emergency responders can do their jobs—potentially finding their loved-ones in an emergency—that traffic will flow smoothly on our highways, and that their neighborhoods are safe. As telecommunications companies are installing ubiquitous mesh networks, CITRIS researchers are building applications that will allow us to address these concerns by using micro-integrated hardware and software, along with embedded wireless sensors and special cameras.

Since its inception, CITRIS has succeeded in channeling innovative research toward societal problems at each of our four

University of

California campuses (Berkeley, Davis and its Medical Center Campus, Merced, and

Santa Cruz ).  In doing so, it has also served as the focal point of research collaboration between industry, academia and the public, as a conduit for educating a new wave of innovators to enter the workforce, and as a locus of intelligent discourse and innovation.  For example, the contributions of CITRIS researchers to wireless sensor network technology have proven instrumental to creating a new industry in radio frequency identification technology (RFID), and we will continue to strive for success as we focus on our six major research initiatives in Energy and the Environment, Intelligent Infrastructures, Healthcare, the Arts, Services, and Technology for Emerging Economies.

We have assembled this brochure, which highlights of just a few of Intelligent Infrastructures projects that we are working on, and hope that it can serve as a basis of discussion for finding mutual research interests that we can pursue together. I would also like to extend an invitation to you to visit the (mostly) sunny

California and visit us at CITRIS so that we can discuss these topics in person.