CITRIS-sponsored UCSC Design teams win Deans’ Awards

CITRIS-sponsored UCSC Senior Design teams win Dean's Awards

Members of CITRIS-sponsored UCSC Design teams (bolded names) are among this year’s recipients of the Deans’ Awards.

Deans’ Awards are granted to 50 undergraduate projects, 10 from each of the academic divisions. Submissions are an outstanding senior thesis or project completed during the current academic year. Each winning project will receive a $100 cash award and is considered for a Chancellor’s Award. Chancellor’s Award-winning projects receive a $500 cash award and are considered for the Steck Award. The names of the winners will be announced at college commencement ceremonies.


Division of the Arts

  • Marisol Medina-Cadena, “Loteria Vida” (Irene Lusztig)
  • Jessica Owens, “Posing Questions: Identity Construction in the Portrait Studios of Bamako, Mali”(Sarah Miller)
  • Rachel Smith“How Many Syrians” (Elizabeth Stephens and Kyle McKinley)
  • Jasmine Lee Ehrhardt, “The Death and Rebirth of Anna May Wong: Strategic Re-Narrativization and De-Reification Through Social Media” (Yiman Wang)
  • Saeli Eshelman, “Teaching Hsieh’s Outdoor Piece: The Invisibility of Hegemonic Poaching in the Public Sphere” (Jennifer Gonzalez)
  • Emily Graily, “Visual Designs for Love’s Labour’s Lost: A Shakespeare to Go Performance”(Brandin Nusbaum)
  • Brittany Valdez, “Remembering the American Vietnam War Veteran: A Holistic Quagmire of Memory”(Boreth Ly)
  • Alexandra Willis-Paulsen, “Overground” (Lawrence Andrews)
  • Jared Scott Zabel, “DeCamp – Alzheimer’s Awareness Short Film” (Gustavo Vazquez)
  • Quest Sky Zeidler, “Pas de Trois: Trio A Dancing Between Performance, Film and Art” (Lorraine Affourtit)

Jack Baskin School of Engineering

  • Soren Almquist“Nanofabrication of Patterned Nanomagnet Arrays” (Jennifer Derr)
  • Sara Haile, “Structural Studies on Respiratory Syncytial Virus Fusion Glycoprotein” (Rebecca Dubois)
  • Niraj Raniga, “Hyper Spectral Imaging for Precision Agriculture” (Joel Kubby)
  • Victor Ardulov, Kyle Cordes, Devin Cody, “Motor-Assisted Glove” (Patrick Mantey)
  • Gabriel Orpia, Andrew Wu, Oliver Rene, “Roton Rotary Rocket” (Patrick Mantey, Gabriel Elkaim, Maxwell Dunne, and Eric Cao)
  • Taylor Gotfrid, “User Requirements of Games Designed for People with Developmental Disabilities” (Sri Kurinawan)
  • Joanna Perez, “Development of a Quartz Nanopipette for Intracellular Superoxide Sensing” (Nader Pourmand)
  • Michael Young, Ahmadullah Tokhi, Ivan Alvarado, Jose Guzman, Raquel Abrams, “SlugLife” (Linda Werner)
  • Ian Lofgren, Nikita  Sokolnikov, Ramin Ebrahimi, Colin Peter, “SEADS (Smart Energy Analytic Disaggregation System)” (Linda Werner and Ali Adabi)
  • Alexis Bartels, Zachary Levenberg, Bruce Gordon, Garrett Deguchi, Francisco Alvarado, “Bolt Motorbike Senior Design Project” (Stephen Petersen and Amir Pourshafiee)

Division of Humanities

  • Robin Estrin“Yours, Truly” (Gary Young and Ronaldo Wilson)
  • Eileen O’Neill“An Investigation of Phonetic and Phonological Change and the Influence of English on Modern Irish” (Jaye Padgett)
  • Hana Rothstein“African Asylum Seekers and Ethnic Nationalism in Israel” (Felicity Schaeffer and Hector Perla)
  • Stella Fronius, “Chemical Traces in U.S. Occupied Okinawa 1945-2016” (James Wright)
  • Clare Moran, “Sean and Julia O’Faolain: Generationally Conceptualizing Collective Memories of Trauma in Fiction” (Bruce Thompson)
  • Martin Calderon, “El español en los EEUU: El fenómeno del ‘Bilingual Compound Verb’” (Eve Zyzik)
  • Ciera-Jevae Gordon, Incarcerated Words (Gary Young)
  • Steven Hernandez, “Rachel Dolezal’s Drag Race: A Critical Psychoanalytic and Cultural Analysis of Post-racial Melancholia and the Racial Passing Narrative” (Kirsten Gruesz)
  • Francesca Hovagimian, “The Qualifications (or Lack Thereof) of Epiphenomenal Qualia” (Janette Dinishak)

Division of Physical & Biological Sciences

  • Kyle Franks“Clockwork: Exploring Activation Mechanisms of the Circadian Transcription Factor Clock: BMAL!” (Carrie Partch and Chelsea Gustafson)
  • Alexandra Houser, “Editing of Kinesin Heavy Chain to Elucidate its Roles in Neurodegenerative Diseases” (William Saxton and Inna Djagaeva)
  • Montserrat PlascenciaInfluences of Floral Abundance, Richness, and Spatial Distribution on Urban Garden Bee Communities (Stacy Philpott)
  • Erica Bufanda, “X-Ray Analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei in Clusters from the Dark Energy Survey” (Tesla Profumo)
  • Xochitl Clare, “Energy Densities of Forage Fish from the Mesopelagic Zone of the North Pacific Ocean and its Implications for a High-Level Marine Predator, the Northern Elephant Seal (Mirounga Angustirostris)” (Jennifer Maresh and Dan Costa)
  • Marshall Danese, “From Dirt to Diamonds: A Mineralogical Comparison of Granular Rheologies” (Emily Brodsky, Shalev Tov, and Stephanie Taylor)
  • Jacob Harrison, “Scaling of Dentition and Prey Size in the California Moray (Gymnothorax mordax)” (Rita Mehta)
  • Adriana Landeros, “Investigation of a Onchocerciasis Biomarker Derivative (Glucuronic Acid) Via a Two Component System Based on Boronic Acid Appended Viologens Receptors” (Bakthan Singaram and Angel Resendez )
  • Benjamin Stahl, “Spectroscopic Galaxy Cluster Measurements for the Dark Energy Survey” (Tesla Profumo)
  • Jennifer Thompson, “Allelopathic Alkaloids of an Invasive Shrub and their Effect on the Growth of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi” (Ingrid Parker and Gregory Gilbert)

Division of Social Sciences

  • Beverly Iniguez“Social Dominance Orientation’s Effects on Attitudes Towards Crime, Prisoners and Prison Reform” (Joanna Weill and Kimberly Cardilla)
  • Mireya Mateo“Untold Delivery Stories: Zapotec Women’s Birthing Experiences in the Central Valley of Oaxaca” (Flora Lu and Patricia Zavella)
  • Antonio Peluso“How Will the Kayapó be Dammed? The Impacts of Environmentalist Assumptions on a Kayapó Community in the Brazilian Amazon” (Andrew Matthews and Flora Lu)
  • Christopher Barnard, “Effects on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling Associated with Grazing by Different Species in a Kansas Tallgrass Prairie” (Weixin Cheng)
  • Ean Brown, 32 Years After Orwellian “1984”: The Surveillance State and National Security (Hiroshi Fukurai)
  • Alvaro Mendizabal, “Justice Jettisoned: The Culture of ‘National Security’ in Mexico” (Adrian Felix)
  • Adriana Murguia, “Seed Saving Strategies in San Ramon, Nicaragua” (Stacy Philpott)
  • Melissa Otero, “Modes of Resistance: Signs, Olives, and Fire” (Jessica Rubaii and Anna Tsing)
  • Cecilia Pena-Govea, “An Illustration of Converging Placekeeping Strategies in the Face of the Cultural and Economic Violence of “Columbusing” in San Francisco’s Mission Distric (Andrea Steiner)
  • Nicholas Zinter, “The Naypyidaw Rationale: Cultures of Power and Constructions of Legitimacy in the Republic of Myanmar” (Megan Thomas)

(Photo credit: Julia Aviles)

2015 Dean’s Award Winners in the Division of the Arts: Top row left to right: Dominic Romano, Lily Sorenson, Haley Bott, Regina Ortanez, Acting Dean, Martin Berger. Bottom row left to right: Kristen McCormick, Karina Monroy, Krystal Ledesma, Karina Hernandez, Melanya Hamasyan. Naja Grundtmann not pictured.

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