CITRIS Policy Lab launches Deepfake Education Competition

DeepFake Education Competition

The Deepfake Education Competition is open to high school, undergrad, and grad students

“Deepfakes”—the use of AI to generate deceptive visual media depicting real people saying or doing things they did not—pose serious threats to democracy. While tools for identifying altered or fabricated video are advancing, and social media policies designed to limit the distribution of such content continue to evolve, the broad availability of tools for producing doctored or fabricated videos raises concerns about whether and how deepfakes might be used to manipulate the 2020 election.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation and the CITRIS Policy Lab have launched a competition for high school, undergrad, and grad students to produce engaging video content to help educate the general public on how video can be fabricated and manipulated relatively easily, with little training and minimal resources. 

Winners will receive awards up to $2,500 and will be featured by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the CITRIS Policy Lab. The deadline to submit is 5 pm PT on Monday, October 12, 2020. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Competition criteria:

  • This competition is open to graduate students (Masters, Ph.D. or Law), undergraduates, and high school students only.
  • Submissions should have a clear educational purpose, and any fabricated or manipulated content should be clearly and continuously labeled as such whenever it appears and throughout its duration.
  • Keep submissions to less than 3 minutes in length.
  • Keep it PG.
  • Make it something that watchers from all parts of the political spectrum can appreciate. (Let’s have fun, but please don’t fan the flames of political division.)
  • Don’t feature anyone currently serving in elected office, or currently running for office.
  • Each submission must have a faculty or staff sponsor and include faculty/staff sponsor contact information. (A faculty/staff member may sponsor more than one submission.)
  • DEADLINE EXTENDED: The deadline to submit is 5 pm PT on Monday, October 19th.
  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 21st.

To learn more about the competition, visit: