CITRIS Policy Lab co-launches Artificial Intelligence, Platforms, and Society Project

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In collaboration with the UC Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, the CITRIS Policy Lab is launching the Artificial Intelligence, Platforms and Society Project.

Co-led by UC Berkeley School of Law professor Tejas N. Narechania and CITRIS Policy Lab founding Director Brandie Nonnecke, the partnership will include an independent forum for students, academics, practitioners and technology companies to explore responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI). The project also aims to offer community and support for practicing attorneys to better understand current issues in the areas of general AI governance, potential and recommended AI usage; and the ethical use of AI tools.

“As emerging technologies, such as AI, become more pervasive in society, it is critical that we identify effective technical and governance strategies to maximize benefits and mitigate risks before it’s too late,” Nonnecke said.