CITRIS PIs win UC Santa Cruz coastal resilience funding

California coastline showing grass-covered cliffs, a sandy beach and ocean waves.

Researchers affiliated with CITRIS and the Banatao Institute received support for a diverse array of pilot projects in a recent round of funding from the UC Santa Cruz Center for Coastal Climate Resilience.

Computer scientist Alex Pang will lead efforts to analyze changes to the Santa Cruz shoreline with machine learning, seeking to better understand how sea level rise will affect coastal communities.

CITRIS at UC Santa Cruz Director Katia Obraczka will collaborate with Wan Du, recipient of a 2020 CITRIS Seed Award, Colleen Josephson and Michael Loik to develop greenhouses equipped with a Internet of Things (IoT) systems to optimize resource usage and increase food production.

Ricardo Sanfelice, director of the CITRIS Aviation initiative, will lead a multicampus project to develop a system to assist firefighters in wildfire prevention, prediction, management and suppression using aviation, communication, sensing and decision-making technology. Co-investigators include Becca Fenwick, Katherine Isbister, Katia Obraczka and Steve McGuire at UC Santa Cruz; Raja Sengupta and Kenichi Soga at UC Berkeley; and Chris Bley at the Monterey Bay Drone, Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) initiative.